Year in review 2016: The top caught-on-camera moments

Year in review 2016: The top caught-on-camera moments

Year in review 2016: The top caught-on-camera moments

For most people, a camera is right at their fingertips, whether it’s a camera on their phone, a body or dash cam or even an old-fashion point-and-shoot camera. And with all these different types of technologies at the fingertips, a lot of dramatic, scary and nerve-wracking moments were captured for the world to see.

Animal encounters

On May 28, Harambe, a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo, was fatally shot after a four-year-old boy fell into the animal’s enclosure. Dramatic video shows Harambe pulling the boy through the exhibit. After the death of the gorilla, there was an outpouring of criticism of how the zoo handled the situation.

Video, which can be viewed above, captured the terrifying moment.

WATCH: Tiger mauls woman to death at Beijing wildlife park

Back in July, a woman at a wildlife park in Beijing was mauled to death after she left her vehicle. The graphic footage shows a woman exiting the car and walking to the other side of the vehicle when a tiger grabbed her and dragged her away.

WATCH: Seal jumps on boat to seek refuge from hunting orca pod

Amazing video shows a seal jumping onto a boat to get away from a pod of orcas in B.C. The people on board the boat said they were whale watching when the event unfolded in front of them.

WATCH: Caught on camera: ‘Beloved’ pit bull dies wagging tail after NY cop shoots it in head

The New York City Police Department was under scrutiny in February after surveillance footage appeared to show a cop fatally shooting a dog in the head outside an apartment unit. The officer was responding to a domestic dispute call when the dog ran into the hallway.


Hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes and wildfires threatened many lives and forced thousands of evacuations around the world in 2016.

One of the top trending videos on YouTube this year was shot by Global News, showing the Fort McMurray wildfire burning out of control behind reporter Reid Feist.

WATCH: Caught on camera: Fort McMurray fire erupts behind Global News reporter

The Fort McMurray wildfire not only prompted massive evacuations in Alberta, it also destroyed 2,400 homes and businesses.

Below is an example of a homeowner who watched his house burn down via the camera in his doorbell.

WATCH: Fort McMurray man watches his own home burn down via doorbell camera

Canada is known not only for its cold winters, but also for the amount of snow and ice it receives each year. However, Montreal didn’t seem prepared for the icy blast early in December as video showed buses, trucks and cars slamming into each other, causing a a pileup on the street as the vehicles tried to navigate a steep hill.

WATCH: Montreal transit buses, cars, trucks slam into each other in winter weather pileup

Landscapers, waterslides and drugs

Back in June, a Toronto landscaper was caught on camera attacking a Global News TV crew that was trying to question him after a woman claimed she paid the man for work he never completed. After Global News’ Sean O’Shea confronted the suspect, Nazmina Ladha, he tipped over a waste can in an attempt to stop O’Shea from asking him questions. The man even punched the camera.

WATCH: Consumer SOS: Sean O’Shea tracks down landscaper who didn’t finish job

Technology exploding unexpectedly also raised some concerns this year. One example was of an e-cigarette exploding inside a man’s pants pocket while he was at a gas station in Kentucky.

WATCH: E-cigarette explodes inside man’s pants at Kentucky gas station

What was supposed to be a fun vacation weekend getaway turned into a painful hospital stay after one man was caught on camera as he fell off a waterslide and broke his arm and fractured his ribs.

WATCH: Caught on camera: Man flies off water slide, breaks arm, ribs

Unfortunately public overdoses on drugs, including heroin and fentanyl, was a big crisis not only in Canada but in the U.S.

People were caught on camera overdosed in their vehicles, in front of children and — in the case of the video below — on a public sidewalk where onlookers laughed.

WATCH: Disturbing video showing couple’s heroin overdose on Memphis sidewalk as onlookers laugh

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With files from: The Associated Press, Alexander Maveal, Reid Fiest, Elton Hobson, Sean O’Shea, Jenny Sung and Adam Frisk

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