Winnipeg family builds epic backyard ice rink in North Kildonan

Winnipeg family builds epic backyard ice rink in North Kildonan

Winnipeg family builds epic backyard ice rink in North Kildonan

WINNIPEG —; A Winnipeg family has finished laying down the ice, nailing in the benches and putting up the scoreboard, creating an extravagant ice rink right in their own backyard.

This is the third year Jeff and Leslie Scarcello decided to build a rink in their North Kildonan yard.

“I’ve always wanted to build one. I grew up with a skating rink in my backyard,” Scarcello said.

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“We have little kids and it’s hard to find open ice time for them, and getting them packed up and driving them somewhere can be difficult.”

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That’s when Scarcello decided to bring the ice rink to his family.

“It’s the idea of being able to skate right outside your house and quickly put on your skates,” he said.

The outdoor rink, which is 32 feet wide and 64 feet long, has boards, a bench to rest your feet, a fire pit to stay warm, and even a scoreboard that lights up.

WATCH: Aerial shot of the rink in North Kildonan

Jeff said the rink may be “overkill,” but it allows his family and friends to hold New Year’s Eve skating parties and pond hockey games.

“We had an early Christmas party with family last week … and 15 people came and brought their skates.”

Manitobans are getting into the winter spirit and building their own personal rinks.

Leslie Scarcello

Building the rink

Building an outdoor rink in your own backyard is not an easy task. But Scarcello said the help of his neighbours, it’s made the process much easier.

“In October we had boards and support already built. We had neighbours come over and help shovel the snow, help get the lights up, putting down the hockey flooring mat and mesh,” he said.

Once the foundation is built then it’s time to run the water, which can take nearly two days, he said. Then when the weather is cold enough, it freezes over, needs to be scraped, and it’s ready to go, Scarcello said.

WATCH: Creating a backyard skating rink

The rink isn’t just for the family, Jeff said, it’s also for the neighbourhood.

“Sometimes we are sitting watching television inside, and lights pop up outside and neighbours start skating … it’s open for everyone,” Scarcello said.

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