Tweets predicted someone would overdose at Toronto nightclub’s all ages concert

Tweets predicted someone would overdose at Toronto nightclub’s all ages concert

Tweets predicted someone would overdose at Toronto nightclub’s all ages concert

Hours before the Friday night “all ages” concert at REBEL nightclub, chilling tweets foretelling the night circulated.

“Five dollars says one person who’s going to dvbbs overdoses on molly,” said one 桑拿会所 user.

“More than one” chimed in someone else.

“Maybe five,” said another.

ChangSha Night Net

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That night, a 19-year-old woman died of an apparent overdose.

Friends have identified her as Violet Davidson.

A person describing herself as Violet’s sister posted on Facebook, “Today brings much heartbreak and sorrow,” adding that the Durham College student was “an amazing artist.”

It’s believed six other young people were hospitalized for suspected overdoses after partying at REBEL.

Toronto Board of Health chair and Councillor Joe Mihevc said Toronto has a drug prevention and harm reduction programs in place.

“We need to obviously intensify our efforts. We need to make sure that when these big parties, these big raves occur, that they have appropriate security guards (and) appropriate police presence to deter the activity as much as possible,” said Mihevc.

The dad of a 16-year-old girl rushed to hospital from the concert said she claimed she bought the drugs from someone inside REBEL.

“He was sort of working the floor,” the father said, who has asked to be unidentified to protect his daughter.

REBEL did not respond to specific questions from Global News, but a representative emailed a statement.

“REBEL has a zero tolerance drug policy and also subjects every patron entering the venue to a full search. Anyone who is caught with an illegal substance is immediately denied entry,” the statement read in part.

At the VELD Music Festival in 2014, two young people died after over dosing.

VELD is run by the same company as REBEL, INK Entertainment.

The company did not reply to questions about the deaths at VELD.

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One city councillor, who is also on the Board of Health, said she wants private venues holding such events to be required to have an ambulance on site.

“Right now it’s not structured at this location where you have Toronto Paramedics on scene to intervene,” said Paula Fletcher.

However, such venues hire private paramedics for events.



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