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$22K in fines for illegal outfitting, hunting in Biggar, Sask. area

Four people have been fined over $22,000 for illegal outfitting and hunting last month in Saskatchewan.

The four were arrested after conservation officers pulled over a truck on Nov. 8 north of Biggar.

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  • Illegal outfitting sting operation results in $55K in fines for 6 Sask. men

  • 2 Saskatchewan men fined for illegal moose hunting

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    A search of the truck turned up two rifles, one which was loaded. Officers said there were also loose shells on the floor and back seat of the truck.

    The truck was impounded and rifles, ammunition and hunting equipment were seized.

    Two Saskatchewan men appeared in Biggar provincial court on Dec. 9.

    Elliot Meechance, 34, of North Battleford and Tyson Adams, 25, from the Sweetgrass First Nation, pleaded guilty to guiding without a licence and aiding and abetting unlawful hunting.

    Meechance was fined $10,000 and also handed a fine of $1,560 for operating a motor vehicle without a licence.

    He has two previous convictions in the past 15 months related to illegal outfitting.

    Adams was fined a total of $7,000.

    READ MORE: Court battle may continue over Indigenous hunting rights in Saskatchewan

    Two hunters, both from Texas, told officers they were actively hunting with their guides at the time the truck was stopped and admitted to having loaded firearms.

    They were each fined $1,880 for unlawful hunting and carrying loaded firearms in a vehicle.

    Their rifles and hunting gear were returned after they paid their fines.

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Adopt a Teen: 4,800 Edmonton teenagers still need a Christmas gift

UPDATE: As of Friday morning, there were still 1,500 teenagers on the waiting list, with just four hours to go on the Adopt-A-Teen campaign. Donations can be made online at 长沙夜生活adoptateenedmonton长沙夜网, or by phoning 780-414-7694 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Thousands of Edmonton teenagers may go without a Christmas present this year, because a local charity has received less than half of the donations it needs to help underprivileged youths.

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The Edmonton Sun Adopt-A-Teen program says some 4,200 teens have been taken care of, but 4,800 teens still need a gift.

READ MORE: Edmonton charities worry about meeting Christmas demand in bad economy

The program works in partnership with two other Edmonton charities. The Christmas Bureau of Edmonton gives a complete holiday meal to families, while Santas Anonymous puts toys under the tree. Adopt a Teen fills the gap between, to ensure teenagers aren’t forgotten.

“So where [Santas Anonymous] provides gifts to kids up to the age of 12, we pick up at age 13 and provide the kids from underprivileged families from 13 to 17 one of these $50 Walmart gift cards so they have something under the tree, too,” Edmonton Sun reporter and Adopt-A-Teen Spokesperson Claire Theobald explained.

READ MORE: Top 5 ways Edmontonians can help out in the community without cash

Instead of collecting or buying gifts for teens, the charity gives them a gift card – which is often the only present the teens will get at Christmas.

“Teens are a diverse bunch, you know at that age they’re figuring out who they are and what their interests are, and we found the best way to support them in creating those little Christmas miracles that they wish for throughout the year is to give them a $50 Walmart gift card, ” Theobald explained, saying that way kids can pick out whatever they want.

While a $50 donation will provide a complete gift for a teen, a donation of any amount is appreciated. Theobald said the charities hold a walk-in day close to Christmas for families to come get essentials.

“A lot of the time the teens come in and don’t expect anything for themselves. What they really come for is to help their family, so at the end of the trip when they find out there is one of these gift cards waiting for them, the joy is really indescribable.”

Donations can be made online, by phone or by cheque.

READ MORE: Christmas Bureau demand up 20%, expects to feed 70K Edmontonians in need

Families in need can apply to the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton, which handles the administrative side for all three charities.

Demand for help from the Christmas Bureau is up 20 per cent this year. The charity expects to help over 70,000 people this year, up from 65,000 in 2015.

As of Wednesday, the bureau was only 47 per cent of the way towards its  $1.8 million fundraising goal.

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Ontario premier wants debate on future of water bottle industry

TORONTO – Ontario plans to increase its charge for water-taking permits for bottled water companies in the new year, but Premier Kathleen Wynne says she wants a bigger discussion on the future of the entire industry.

The province charges $3.71 for every million litres of water taken, on top of a permit fee of $750 for low- or medium-risk water takings.

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Wynne wants to see that charge increased, but said price won’t be the only factor as the Liberal government considers new rules for bottled water companies.

READ MORE: Premier Wynne wants Ontario to review its water-taking permits for bottled water

“Absolutely that needs to go up, but the reason that we wanted a bit more time to look at this is, is that enough? Is it enough that the price just goes up?” she asked in a year-end interview with .

“I really think we need to look at the culture around bottled water. Why are we all drinking water out of bottles when most of us don’t need to?”

There are situations where bottled water is needed because of old pipes or other problems, said Wynne.

“But do all of us need to be using bottled water?” she asked.

“I think we need to have a bigger look at the whole industry, and our role in regulating it.”

Wellington Water Watchers, a group of environmentalists in the Guelph, Ont., area an hours’ drive west of Toronto, agreed that increasing the price for permits for bottled water companies won’t address concerns about water use.

“It’s not just about increasing the price,” said Water Watchers chair Mike Nagy. “No price would be high enough to stop some companies from doing what they’re doing because the profits are so high.”

The government should counter aggressive marketing by bottled water companies with public information campaigns about the safety of tap water, added Nagy.

“It’s been about 20 years of solid marketing, making out as if this was a healthy product – healthier than the sugar drinks that they also market – and it’s time that the government take back that voice,” he said.

“We believe the province has failed to educate the public that there is no lower environmental footprint and healthier thing to do than drink tap water and bring a reusable container with you.”

Wynne imposed a two-year moratorium on permits for new or expanded bottled water operations after Nestle purchased a well that the small but fast-growing township of Centre Wellington wanted for its drinking water supply.

The province also posted proposed new regulations for bottled water companies with existing permits for public comment until the end of January.

They would limit the period of water-taking permits to one to five years, down from the current maximum of 10 years, and require companies to issue weekly reports on how much water they are permitted to take and how much they actually take.

There would also be stricter scientific requirements for water taking permits including studies on the cumulative impact of the practice, and reviews looking at the anticipated impacts of climate change such as more severe droughts.

READ MORE: Ontario places two-year hold on permits for new bottled water operations

Stronger regulations of the bottled water industry and more public education about the safety of tap water could help the province achieve its goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the impacts of climate change, said Nagy.

“Climate change, droughts, carbon emissions are all tied to this very wasteful industry,” he said. “It should be part of that holistic discussion about people not just rejecting products that are wasteful, but also reconnecting on a personal level with their water, and we mean that very sincerely.”

The Canadian Bottled Water Association said making bottled water more expensive for producers would only end up making it more expensive for consumers.

“The industry cannot absorb additional costs,” spokeswoman Elizabeth Griswold said in an email. “Increasing cost for Ontario companies would also serve to open the market for imported bottled water, and many Ontario jobs would be lost.”

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Year in review 2016: The top dramatic rescues on video

This year saw some dramatic, nearly life-threatening moments that seemed like they were taken from a movie script because they were too surreal to believe. From massive fire evacuations, to car crashes and even a little girl saving her mom from drowning in a pool, these are some of the craziest rescues in 2016 that were all captured on video.

Car crashes, fires and accidents

Unfortunately accidents happen while you’re behind the wheel of a car, no matter how good of a driver you are. Thankfully some of the most dramatic rescues in 2016 had happy endings. Such as a firefighter saving an 87-year-old woman from her burning vehicle.

A Sante Fe, N.M. elderly woman was on her way to the hospital Oct. 8 when she got a flat tire. The women proceeded to drive to her appointment which caused friction and heat and resulted in a huge blaze.

The firefighter’s body cam, which can be viewed above, captured the moment he saved the woman from her car.

WATCH: Bystanders form human chain to save man trapped inside burning car

Back in October in Palm Bay, Fla. an SUV collided with another vehicle sending the SUV down an embankment.  Shortly after the crash, the car burst into flames with a man stuck inside.

Good Samaritans formed a human chain, according to the Palm Bay police department, to rescue the disoriented man.

The victim was sent to hospital after sustaining a head injury. His identity and current condition had not been released.

WATCH: Caught on camera: North Carolina strangers help rescue man trapped in truck pinned under bus

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It was a terrifying moment for the driver of a pick-up in North Carolina after his car collided with a school bus in September, pinning the truck under the bus with the man still inside.

Two bystanders and six police officers rushed to the scene to remove the shaken driver who had not been identified.

He was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Dogs in danger

Good Samaritans and police officials went beyond their call of duty in order to save dogs stranded after the animals found themselves in some very unfortunate situations.

Two Okanagan men in December were out by a partially frozen lake when they thought they heard a duck splashing when really it was a dog crying for help.

“The sound it was making was unforgettable,” said Dylan Cocquyt, one of the rescuers to Global News.

Both Cocquyt and Bill Varner jumped into action by canoeing to the dog who, according to Varner, “was just about spent of energy..it was doing its last swim.”

The men brought the dog to shore and called its owner.

WATCH: Amazing rescue of a dog from a frozen lake caught on tape

Dramatic video out of Louisiana showed at least two men helping to rescue a woman and her dog who were trapped in a red vehicle as it slowly submerged under floodwaters.

The men could be seen trying to break the car windows before one of the men finally jumps into the water and yanks the women out.

The unknown woman is heard asking for the good Samaritans to save her dog, who at first is believed to have disappeared under the water but then is quickly saved.

WATCH: Caught on camera: Woman and her dog rescued from submerged car

A massive 6.1 magnitude earthquake hit central Italy in September, burying both people and animals alike. More than a week later, officials rescued a golden retriever from the rubble of a collapsed building.

WATCH: Dog pulled alive from the rubble more than a week after the earthquake in central Italy

Life-saving moments

A five-year-old Texas girl was credit as a hero after saving her mother who had had a seizure while swimming in a pool.

Surveillance video shows the girl struggling, but eventually managing, to pull her mom to shore before running to get help.

WATCH: Caught on Camera: Little girl saves mom from drowning after she suffers seizure in pool

A scary moment for two Texas parents who called 911 in agony after their three-year-old son stopped breathing.

The terrifying video shows a police officer performing CPR on the boy until he began breathing on his own again.

WATCH: Caught on Camera: Texas cop uses CPR to save boy’s life after he stops breathing

Firefighters in China were able to stop a man from jumping off the ledge of a 30-storey building after he threatened to do so.

The dramatic rescue of a firefighter sneaking up behind the man and pulling him back to safety was all caught on camera.

WATCH: Firefighters pull man from ledge of 30-storey building in China

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With files from: Elton Hobson, Emanuela Campanella, Aaron McArthur and Alexander Maveal

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Amateur video offers shockingly close view of deadly cargo plane crash in Colombia

Amateur video captured the shocking and dramatic moment a cargo plane crashed shortly after takeoff in Puerto Carreno, Colombia on Tuesday.

Local  resident Yurlan Falla captured the footage while recording on his motorcycle, on a road perpendicular to the end of the runway at Puerto Carreno’s German Olano Airport just after 5:00 p.m. local time Tuesday.

Normally, the spot would seem to offer a great view of departing aircraft, but on Tuesday he was witness to a far more terrifying occurrence.

As captured in the video above, a Boeing 727 on its way to Bogota is attempting to take off but does not achieve enough altitude, clipping the barbed wire fence at the edge of the airport.

WATCH: Delta Airlines under fire after YouTube star Adam Saleh allegedly kicked off flight for speaking Arabic

A short time later, the plane crashed. According to a statement from Colombia’s Civil Aviation Authority, five of the six people on board died in the crash.

WATCH: Rescue workers discover lone survivor of Colombian cargo plane crash

The sixth, flight technician Diego Armando Vargas Bravo, was taken to hospital in nearby San Juan de Dios before being transported by air to a hospital in Bogota. His condition is not known at this time.

César Urueña, director of National Relief for the Colombian Red Cross, told the Naticias Caracol the crash occurred approximately 10 kilometres from Germán Olano airport, meaning the plane likely continued to skim for several seconds after clipping the fence before coming down.

There is no word yet as to the cause of the crash.

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  • ‘It’s like hell’: Winnipeggers watch as family and friends struggle back home in Aleppo

  • Seat switch may have saved Chapecoense player’s life in deadly plane crash

  • Delta Airlines under fire after YouTube star Adam Saleh allegedly kicked off flight for speaking Arabic

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Nova Scotia pulls ‘racist’ legal argument against Sipekne’katik First Nation

Nova Scotia has decided to pull a controversial legal argument in the ongoing battle over the Alton Natural Gas Storage project.

READ MORE: Nova Scotia premier to apologize to Mi’kmaq for ‘conquered’ people law brief

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The province sent a letter to Justice Suzanne Hood Tuesday, announcing it would withdraw part of the legal argument which suggested the Sipekne’katik First Nation are a conquered people.

In November, government lawyer Alex Cameron argued the province didn’t have a duty to consult with the Sipekne’katik First Nation because the duty to consult extended only to “unconquered people,” and the band’s submission to the Crown in 1760 negated its claim of sovereignty and negated the government’s constitutional duty to consult.

Cameron was removed from the case in December and replaced by provincial Crown attorney Ed Gores.

READ MORE: Nova Scotia Crown lawyer in Alton Gas appeal removed from the case: minister

The brief was presented as part of the province’s case in a legal challenge of the approval of the natural gas project. The Sipekne’katik First Nation argued the province failed in its duty to consult with them on the project.

In the letter sent to Hood, Gores says he “wishes to clarify” the province’s position on the duty to consult. The letter withdraws four paragraphs from the legal argument and removed parts of four others.

READ MORE: Indian Brook First Nation challenging Alton natural gas storage project

In particular, paragraphs 76 and 78 of the legal document —; which held the “unconquered peoples” argument —; were removed.

The letter also withdraws paragraphs 93 and 94, which say there are different treaties for different groups, and that the Sipekne’katik had different treaty rights from other First Nations because they had “treaties of submission” with the British.

When the controversy erupted in November, Naiomi Metallic, chair of aboriginal law and policy at Dalhousie University, told Global News that the arguments put forward by Cameron were “legally and factually wrong.”

“Native people in Canada were never conquered and it’s a racist idea to say we’re conquered,” she told Global News.

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Kremlin spokesperson says breakup of USSR was a ‘disaster,’ calls for new integration

Vladimir Putin believes the disintegration of the Soviet Union was a “disaster,” a Kremlin spokesperson reportedly said Wednesday, while calling for new integration among the countries of the fallen U.S.S.R.

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“Putin still believes that this was a disaster for those peoples who lived under the roof of one union state,” said Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, the Russian News Agency reports.

16×9 INVESTIGATION: Vladimir Putin’s Russia and the West: The next Cold War

“This was a disaster that pushed us far back in our development. All the countries that are now independent were actually pushed decades back after the ruin of the Soviet Union.”

While Peskov reportedly admitted reestablishing the U.S.S.R. is “impossible,” he believes there is room for unification.

“The logic dictates the need of new integration in the space of the former Soviet Union.”

WATCH: Parade in Moscow’s Red Square marks 99 years since Russian Revolution

The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. However, a poll earlier this year suggested that more than half of Russians would support the rebuilding of the U.S.S.R and the return to Soviet rule.

READ MORE: Vladimir Putin’s ‘gunslinger’s gait’ linked to KGB training, study says

Russia is known to flex its muscle in regions neighbouring its borders, and beyond. Russia annexed Crimea two years ago, and has supported separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Russia has a close relationship with Syria, along with a military presence in the war-torn country.

WATCH: Get an inside look at one of Russia’s military bases in Syria

In recent weeks, allegations of Russian meddling in the U.S. presidential election, apparently aimed at helping President-elect Donald Trump win, has launched vows of investigation by America’s top intelligence agencies.

The relationship between Russia and the U.S. remains fragile.

WATCH: Russia intervened to help Trump win White House: CIA 

On Wednesday, the U.S. disputed comments by Peskov that almost all communications channels between Russia and the United States were frozen, saying that there had been no break in dialog.

”Diplomatic engagement with Russia continues across a wide range of issues,” U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby said in a statement. “That we have significant differences with Moscow on some of these issues is well known, but there hasn’t been a break in dialog.”

With files from Reuters

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U.S. Energy Dept. offers $2B loan for carbon capture project similar to Sask. project

The U.S. Energy Department said Wednesday it is offering a conditional, US$2-billion loan guarantee for a carbon capture project at a planned Louisiana methanol plant.

The captured carbon dioxide will be piped to oil fields in Texas, where it will be used to speed up oil production.

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz called the loan commitment a milestone in federal efforts to capture and store carbon pollution, a key driver of global warming.

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  • SaskPower paid $1.2 million in penalties for carbon capture, among other difficulties

  • Shell’s carbon capture project in Alberta’s oilsands passes milestone

  • Saskatchewan, Ottawa reach agreement on future of coal-fired power plants

    Moniz called the Lake Charles project “a big step forward” for economic development and carbon capture, an emerging technology that has also been pioneered in Canada.

    The Boundary Dam coal power station near Estevan, Sask., has been using carbon capture and storage technology for about two years – possibly the world’s first commercial-scale use of CCS.

    READ MORE: Saskatchewan carbon-capture plant hits 800,000 tonnes of CO2 in one year

    Carbon capture entails catching the carbon emissions from a coal plant or other source and injecting the gas underground for permanent storage or use in speeding oil production.

    Carbon storage is a key component of so-called clean coal, a concept that has been embraced by President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump.

    In Canada, by contrast, the Trudeau government wants to phase out the country’s 35 remaining coal-fired power plants by 2030.

    Saskatchewan’s government under Premier Brad Wall has argued for carbon capture and storage and against the imposition of a national carbon-pricing strategy that was accepted by eight other premiers early this month.

    READ MORE: Brad Wall criticizes Ottawa’s plan to phase out coal-fired electricity

    The loan guarantee is the first to be offered by the U.S. Energy Department under an advanced energy program to help promising technologies that are unable to secure private investors.

    Lake Charles Methanol expects to break ground next year on a $3.8 billion plant in Lake Charles, Louisiana, 140 miles east of Houston.

    Don Maley, the company’s president and CEO, said in a statement that the Energy Department’s expected loan guarantee “represents the commitment of the federal government to promote innovative, clean fossil-energy technologies” and allow the project to be completed.

    The project is expected to create about 1,000 construction jobs and 500 permanent jobs. The plant will produce methanol, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and other chemicals from petcoke, a waste product from the refining of heavy crude oil.

    Moniz said on a conference call Wednesday that he has had “cordial” conversations with former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Trump’s nominee for energy secretary, but did not discuss the Lake Charles plant or other projects under consideration for Energy Department loans.

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‘12 dares of Christmas’: Nova Scotia man raises money for cousin’s memorial scholarship

A Lower Sackville, N.S., man has taken on a dare – 12 dares, in fact – to raise money for a scholarship that was set up in memory of his cousin who died last year.

READ MORE: Lower Sackville student dies after meningococcal meningitis diagnosis

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Since Dec. 12, 38-year-old Eric Anstey has been completing a dare each day for his “12 dares of Christmas” and posting it on social media while asking people to donate money for the scholarship, established at Sackville High School where 16-year-old Rylee Sears attended.

He said because Sears would have graduated from high school in 2017 he wanted to give a boost to the scholarship.

“Most important to me is it’s being done in his name and that we get to offer some support to some well-deserving students who are going to be starting their college or university career and letting them do that in a way that maybe will be just a little bit of a boost that they wouldn’t have had otherwise,” Anstey told Global News.

While he’s spreading Christmas fun and raising money with his videos, he’s also trying to spread awareness about meningococcal meningitis.

Sears, who was a Grade 10 student at the high school and a defenceman with the Sackville Flyers Midget B team, died in January 2015 from the disease.

“Rylee was an exceptional young man. He was kind, nice to everyone and a kid I admired greatly,” Anstey said. “He has been missed since the day he left by many, many people.”

Anstey said the idea for the fundraiser came from a Secret Santa experience at his workplace last year, when a colleague gave him a gift accompanied with a dare.

“I had to prove that the dare was completed by posting the video on Facebook and those videos got a little bit of popularity, they had 1,500 to 1,700 views and I thought, ‘wow what a great way to do something good,’” Anstey said.

This year he asked people on Facebook for dares and an amount of money they’d donate if he did the dare then chose 12 from the submissions. The dares he’s completed range from lip syncing to Whitney Houston’s I’m Every Woman to re-enacting the Cousin Eddie scene from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, which has garnered almost 40,000 views.

Anstey said each dare stands out in his mind, including pretending to enter the WWE Raw ring in wrestling tights outside the Lower Sackville Sobeys. He also tried to consume four litres of milk in 30 minutes.

“I failed miserably at that one,” he said.

Through the videos, which have had almost 65,000 views in total, he said he’s raised approximately $3,000 to contribute to the fund, which was started last year by leadership teacher Kerry MacQueen after Sears’ death. There is currently about $5,200 in the fund, not including Anstey’s fundraising.

Chloe Goulden, an 18-year-old student in MacQueen’s class, said they wanted to raise a lot of money for the scholarship because they are in their graduating year, the same year Sears would have entered in September.

Goulden, who had been in Sears’ class since Grade Primary, said though she was unsure at first when hearing about the videos, she’s glad he’s doing them.

“It’s really blown up. He’s been doing awesome things and everyone has been really interested in it and excited,” Goulden said.

READ MORE: Memorial hockey game held in Lower Sackville to support family of Rylee Sears

She said seeing so many people, even those who didn’t know Sears, contribute to the fund either through Anstey’s videos or other efforts like a memorial hockey game has been “awesome.”

“Money is big this time of year, so for somebody to give up their own money to go towards helping the scholarship, it’s more than just a scholarship it’s support for the family and his friends,” Goulden said.

“It kind of gives us a way to still do something for him even though he isn’t here anymore it gives us a way to still be his friend and family, it’s how we can dedicate ourselves to him even though he isn’t here anymore.”

Anstey still has three dares to complete, one of which will take place at the Halifax airport in a ballerina outfit, and on his 12th and final day on Friday, he will shave off his eyebrows.

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Penny, Crosby, Rio Olympics: 10 big Canadian sport stories from 2016

From Team Canada’s victory at the World Cup of Hockey to Penny Oleksiak’s performances in the Olympic pool in Rio, Canadian athletes turned in stellar performances throughout 2016.

In no particular order, here’s a look at 10 big Canadian sport stories from the past year:


Sprinter Andre De Grasse returns home from Rio


Sprinter Andre De Grasse returns home from Rio


#DeBolt: Bromance blossoms between De Grasse and Bolt


Gold medalist Donovan Bailey on Andre de Grasse’s chances in Rio


Canadian sprinter Andre de Grasse could be the next great one


Andre De Grasse wins Canada’s first Olympic sprint medal in 20 years


Andre De Grasse’s mom reacts to son winning bronze; how he got into running


Rio 2016: Andre De Grasse’s coach on what physically makes him such a good sprinter


Why Andre de Grasse is the future of Canadian sprinting


De Grasse wins bronze


Rio 2016: Canadian Andre De Grasse wins bronze in the 100m final


Rio 2016: Andre de Grasse a contender in Men’s 100-metre


De Grasse soars at Canadian Track and Field Championships in Edmonton

Sprinter Andre De Grasse did more than just win three medals at the Rio Games.

He let the world know there might just be an heir apparent to Jamaica’s Usain Bolt, the long-standing owner of the world’s fastest man title.

READ MORE: Andre De Grasse returns home, receives warm welcome from fans

De Grasse won silver in the 200 metres and bronze in the 100 and 4×100 relay in his Olympic debut.

The 22-year-old from Markham, Ont., could be hitting his peak at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Bolt, 30, is not planning to defend his titles at the next Games.


Team Canada’s Brad Marchand (63) hoists the trophy following his team’s victory over Team Europe during World Cup of Hockey finals action in Toronto on Thursday, September 29, 2016.


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The World Cup of Hockey made its return in 2016 and Team Canada picked up where it left off when the tournament was last played in 2004.

The host side successfully defended its title last September by sweeping a best-of-three final against Team Europe.

READ MORE: Canada beats Europe 2-1 to win World Cup of Hockey 2016

Brad Marchand scored the winning goal in the final minute as Canada wrapped up the title with a 2-1 win at Air Canada Centre.

The victory extended Canada’s win streak in best-on-best competition to 16 games, dating back to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.


Canada’s golden girl Penny Oleksiak heads back to school


Canada’s golden girl Penny Oleksiak heads back to school


4-time Olympic medalist Penny Oleksiak returns to high school


Olympic star Penny Oleksiak heads back to school to start grade 11


Four-time Olympic medallist Penny Oleksiak on her amazing success in Rio


Penny Oleksiak ‘sets bar pretty high’ for 2020 in Tokyo


Gold medalist Penny Oleksiak to carry Canadian flag during Rio 2016 closing ceremony


Behind the lens: Gold medallist Penny Oleksiak and her family on her Olympic stardom


Rio 2016: Canada’s Penny Oleksiak talks about her newfound fame


Penny Oleksiak’s family open up about Canada’s newest star


Calgary swimmers inspired by Penny Oleksiak’s records in Rio


What makes Rio medallist Penny Oleksiak so good?


Rio 2016: Penny Oleksiak wins two medals in Olympic swimming debut, are there more to come?


‘It really meant a lot to me just to know that Canada was behind me 110 per cent’: Penny Oleksiak

WATCH ABOVE: Oleksiak has a breakout year

Penny Oleksiak picked the perfect time for a breakout performance.

The Toronto swimmer won four Olympic medals – including gold in the 100-metre freestyle – and carried the Maple Leaf into the closing ceremony at Maracana Stadium.

READ MORE: Olympic swimming star Penny Oleksiak named Canada’s athlete of the year

Oleksiak, at the tender age of 16, became Canada’s most decorated swimmer at a single Summer Games.

She had competed at the world junior championships just a year earlier.


Canada’s Brooke Henderson is seen on 18th in the women’s individual stroke play at the Olympic Golf course during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro on August 18, 2016.

Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Golfer Brooke Henderson became a force on the LPGA Tour in 2015. She showed this year that it was not a fluke.

Henderson won the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship last June to become the first Canadian to win a women’s golf major since 1968.

READ MORE: Teen golf star Brooke Henderson has sights set on Olympics

The 19-year-old from Smiths Falls, Ont., also successfully defended her title at the Cambia Portland Classic.

Henderson posted 15 top-10 finishes on the season and finished the year ranked eighth in the world.


WATCH ABOVE: Milos Raonic does Canada proud at Wimbledon

Tennis player Milos Raonic keeps setting new Canadian benchmarks in his pursuit of that elusive Grand Slam title.

Raonic defeated Swiss ace Roger Federer in a thrilling five-set semifinal at Wimbledon last July to become the first Canadian to reach a men’s singles final at a major.

READ MORE: Young Montreal tennis players inspired by Milos Raonic’s semi-finals Wimbledon win 

The 25-year-old from Thornhill, Ont., dropped a 6-4, 7-6 (3), 7-6 (2) decision to local favourite Andy Murray in the final.

Raonic beat Federer last January in Brisbane to earn his eighth career ATP World Tour title. He closed the season at a career-high No. 3 in the world rankings.


‘It’s a special group’: Gibbons says he’s proud of Jays


‘It’s a special group’: Gibbons says he’s proud of Jays


Blue Jays stave off elimination with 5-1 Game 4 win in ALCS


‘We’re still alive’: Manager John Gibbons on Jays 5-1 win over Cleveland


Jays fans react to ALCS Game 3


Toronto Blue Jays fans watch Game 3 eagerly as team takes on Cleveland


Judge allows Cleveland Indians to wear their uniforms against Toronto Blue Jays


Blue Jays fans thrilled for ALCS Game 3


Gibbons hopes getting back home will re-energize Jays


Baseball fans give thanks for Toronto Blue Jays win over Texas Rangers

The Toronto Blue Jays ended a 22-year playoff drought in 2015. They didn’t wait nearly as long to make their return to baseball’s post-season.

Under new president Mark Shapiro and general manager Ross Atkins, the Blue Jays made it to the American League Championship Series for the second year in a row.

READ MORE: Toronto Raptors fall short against LeBron James in 116-112 loss to Cavaliers

Toronto needed extra innings to defeat the Baltimore Orioles in the wild-card game before sweeping the Texas Rangers in the AL Division Series. The Blue Jays eventually fell to the Cleveland Indians in the ALCS.

Cleveland and Toronto also reached the final four in the NBA. The Cavaliers defeated the Raptors in the Eastern Conference final and then beat the Golden State Warriors in the NBA final.


WATCH ABOVE: Sidney Crosby brings Stanley Cup parade to hometown for 2nd time

Pittsburgh Penguins superstar Sidney Crosby keeps finding new ways to top himself.

The 29-year-old forward from Cole Harbour, N.S., had a dream year in 2016.

Crosby helped the Penguins win the Stanley Cup last spring and earned the Conn Smythe Trophy as most valuable player in the playoffs.

He also led Canada to gold at the World Cup of Hockey in September and was named tournament MVP.


WATCH ABOVE: Ottawa Redblacks win cities first Grey Cup in 40 years

Everything looked to be going the Calgary Stampeders’ way entering Grey Cup week.

The West Division champions were riding high after a 15-2-1 regular season and comfortable victory in the West Final. But the final hurdle could not be cleared as the Ottawa Redblacks ended the Stamps’ dominant season in an overtime thriller.

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Ottawa quarterback Henry Burris threw for 461 yards and earned MVP honours. Ernest Jackson’s 18-yard touchdown catch was the difference.

Toronto’s BMO Field was home to another championship game less than two weeks later. The Seattle Sounders defeated Toronto FC 5-4 on penalty kicks.


WATCH ABOVE: Women dominating for Canada at Rio Olympics

The Canadian Olympic Committee’s goal at the start of the Summer Olympics was a top-12 finish in the medal standings.

Thanks to a 22-medal effort from Canadian athletes, it was mission accomplished.

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Canada was 10th in the overall medal count after winning four gold medals, three silvers and 15 bronze medals.

Trampolinist Rosie MacLennan, swimmer Penny Oleksiak, high jumper Derek Drouin and wrestler Erica Wiebe won gold.


Canada’s Shawn Barber competes in the men’s pole vault final during the athletics event at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro on August 15, 2016.

Franck Fife/AFP/Getty Images

Many athletics fans were left scratching their heads when pole vaulter Shawn Barber struggled mightily at the Rio Games.

Big things were expected for the reigning world champ from Toronto, who had trouble in the qualifying round and ended up settling for a 10th-place finish.

READ MORE: Canadian pole vaulter Shawn Barber tested positive for cocaine before Rio Olympics

It was revealed nearly two months later that Barber was only cleared to compete a few days before the Games after testing positive for trace amounts of cocaine.

Barber was permitted to compete in Rio after it was determined he unknowingly ingested the banned substance during a tryst with a woman in July.

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